WATCH! Nadia Nakai Sets Triller Ablaze With A Raunchy Twerking Video

Nadia continues to flaunt her body

WATCH! Nadia Nakai Sets Triller Ablaze With A Raunchy Twerking Video. Nadia Nakai has too joined into the challenges of dropping lit videos on Triller.

While others are attempting to be funny and others introduce new music, Nakai took things up a notch and revealed sexy.

Last week Nadia shared another video twerking and dropping a few bars. The difference this time around is that she laid bare her behind and gave people a good show. Basically she served what would one consider lockdown thirst traps. The 30 year-old isn’t allowing anything to pause her moves no matter serious. Catering to her fan base continues to be a main goal.

In addition she is also trying to give fans music in more tasteful ways via her YouTube channel.

“Sorry here’s a new link, will be performing live on my YouTube channel today 4pm. https://t.co/qrciRivRF7 set your reminders,” she wrote.

The 40 Bars star made comment on her body weight and gave tips on how she is handling it all.

“Yo I legit don’t want to gain weight!
I swear I’m literally eating every hour!🙆🏾‍♀️
Therefore, I’m training with my girl Jazz who is a Yoga instructor! As ALWAYS, I’m dripped HEAD TO TOE in @reeboksouthafrica this jumpsuit is the best to work out in,” said Nadia.


Aphelele Peyana

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