AKA Details What Drives Him Crazy About Cassper Fight

AKA Details What Drives Him Crazy About Cassper Fight! Since AKA has issued an apology to Sizwe for dragging his family and other uncalled for elements into their argument, fans have been wondering if this apology would ever reach his number one enemy, Cassper.

Well you can stop wondering right now because the chances of that happening a probably zero to none. A fan suggested Bhova apologize to Nyovest for crossing the line and insulting his parent as it was a bit on the disrespectful side but AKA is clearly not about that.

AKA further confirmed that he is well aware that involving Cassper’s parents in to the twar was unnecessary after a fan called him out on his actions but he also stated what ticks him off about the whole Cassper saga and it goes way deeper than we thought.

So, if you thought things would ever simmer down between the sworn enemies, you’ve got it all wrong because AKA would rather bleed than ever apologizing to Cassper.

Which could still happen but that would mean that Mega would have to throw in the towel if he would ever get defeated by Cassper.

And There You Have It!!!

By Sinakho Mandla

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