Gigi Lamayne Confirms Her Relationship Status

Gigi Lamayne Confirms Her Relationship Status! Gigi has always been private about who she is dating but by the look of things, he didn’t cut it because Gigi Lamayne has confirmed that she is back on the market.

The rapper took to twitter to show the boys exactly what they are missing with a sexy snap in her pj’s giving major ‘snack’ vaabz.

Lamayne confirmed her relationship status with the caption saying that she was boo’d up previously but now she is single and up for grabs to the next man that can sweep her off her feet.

#IOnceDated and now I’m single” she wrote

The rapper has been throwing hints on social media about her relationship status and it’s safe to say we get the message loud and clear.

What we want to know is if she is taking applications at the moment and more importantly, Who Will Shoot Their Shot Next?

By Sinakho Mandla

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