Here’s What Yanga Chief Has Been Cooking In Studio During Lockdown

Here’s What Yanga Chief Has Been Cooking In Studio During Lockdown. After dropping an ill album imclusive of award winning single UTatakho and a game changing remix, Yanga went silent.

His silence felt long for fans who wanted more from his art. Lucky enough he has now come through with new music which he teased with a video. The video first shows the President Cyril Ramaphosa’s clip struggling to put on a mask then transition to him spitting bars with fascinating visuals.

Yanga is one of the artist that has been under AKA’s wing, the two don’t just connect as friends but artists as well. Jika is good validation to the statement.

After releasing the BAPS album Yanga went to social media to thank Mega for what he has done for him to get where he is. But knowing AKA isn’t just what he escalated his status, his rapping abilities and the fuse of vernac in his style makes it impossible to overlook him.

Below is one of many visible proofs to vouch for him.


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