‘I Live Hand To Mouth,’ Admits Scoop

‘I Live Hand To Mouth,’ Admits Scoop! Financial challenges of SA celebs have been a hot topic on social media over the past week and the most refreshing part of the conversations is that celebs are being publicly honest about it.

The topic might have gone off the roof after AKA’s revelation about not getting paid anything for his SneAKA deal but it started with the industry shutting down due to Corona Virus.

With no gigs, shows or any other income coming in, the question has been how long will artists survive before they go hungry or lose their possessions. Speaking to his co-hosts on the latest episode of POPcast, Scoop revealed he has been living hand to moth.

“I remember confessing before COVID-19, I was like ‘I live on hand to mouth’. I just had to say it so I could release myself and release people from thinking that I live a certain way because maybe they see the sneakers, maybe they see the clothes…,” Scoop shared.

On why it was important for him to share that, Scoop said because young rappers coming in the game expect so much help from people like himself not knowing they are also hustling.

“Yes, I can afford myself. I said it because a lot of people in the game especially newcomers expect you to do so much for them. Whereas they don’t understand you yourself are living hand to mouth and you don’t have the money and surplus income to help them out in the way they need,” he added.

Scoop who is known for his dope designer style and fresh kicks said that he has those things because he has to invest in his image as a personality. “It doesn’t mean I now have money to go shoot a video for you.”

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