Lerato Sengadi On What She Plans To Do With HHP’s ‘Shamed’ Grave

Lerato Sengadi On What She Plans To Do With HHP’s ‘Shamed’ Grave. HHP’s Wife has revealed that she will be erecting a tombstone for him after many failed attempts to do so due to the fights that brew among family.

Late last year Hip hop DJ Zan D who regards Jabba as an icon worthy to be celebrated all times visited his grave last year. The images taken by the DJ drew the attention of the grave of the rapper which didn’t match to his status. Judging from the contribution HHP has had in the SA entertainment industry, people expected something different in a spectualr way.

What may have led to the grave looking how it did according to reports and interviews is the battle that rose between the Tsambo family and Sengadi. Even before Jabba was buried, there was a mayhem which involved Lerato taking the family to court to prevent the burial.

The family disregarded and dismissed her as his wife. The court initially ruled in her favor and was legally recognized as the rapper’s customary wife. The burial took place as peaceful as they could carry it out. When the Will was read naming HHP’s son Leano as the beneficiary to all his estate the fight resumed.

In the midst of fighting for rights concerning the rapper, his grave didn’t receive the design and attention to match to his idol status. Lerato now plans to change all that around and put a tombstone.

“As soon as COVID has passed I will finally be able to erect a tombstone 4 Motho waka.The fact that he has been laying there like that & I had been blocked frm doing what he deserves has been haunting me all this time. Bt God is no fool. I will FINALLY get 2 do the right thing,” She wrote.

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