Makwa Denies That His Production On AKA’s ‘Energy’ Was Inspired By Tweezy On ‘Amen’

Makwa Denies That His Production On AKA’s ‘Energy’ Was Inspired By Tweezy On ‘Amen’. Makwa killed the production on AKA’s newly released single ‘Energy’ but he clearly needed to set the record straight on how and who the beat was inspired from the beginning.

When a tweep tagged Makwa in a tweet about how AKA’s track ‘Amen’ which was produced by Tweezy is what inspired the beat to AKA’s recently released single ‘Energy’ which was produced by Makwa.

What I can tell is that @TweezyZA’s production on AKA’s “Amen” inspired @only1makwa when he was creating “Energy” and boy didn’t Makwa deliver!” the tweep said

The producer and rapper was quick to pump the breaks on that thought as he revealed that he was the one who started working on the beat for ‘Amen’ and Tweezy arrived to the party after.

According to Ayipheli collaborator he is with holding some major receipts about the production of the beat of the AKA hit featuring L-Tido, but it looks like he not about to entertain the matter anymore as he is focusing on his shine.

“Never!! I can pull out files on “AMEN” but that was a long time ago! I started that amen beat with him in studio. I’m tired of this thing now lemme shine on my own” he replied.

Are we the only ones who think this could potentially turn in to a messy situation?

By Sinakho Mandla

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