Tweezy Corrects Tweeps Who Think He Isn’t In #Amadimoni Video

Tweezy Corrects Tweeps Who Think He Isn’t In #Amadimoni Video. Cassper Nyovest has been going hard with his newly released single Amadimoni and now the visuals for the song have also been doing damage on the streets of YouTube with over 100K views on the first day of its release.

Although fans were very pleased that the visuals did justice to the song, there was a rather important aspect in the video that was missing.

Fans have been questioning Cassper why Tweezy was not featured in the video and the Family Tree artist replied to his loyal army of fans explaining that due to the lockdown regulation they were unable to shoot the video.

Tweezy was contacted to shoot his part of the video which would be combined in the edit, but because of production complications, Tweezy ended up forfeiting the chance of being in the music Video.

A Tweep commended the producer for his support for the video, saying that he can respect that Tweezy is pushing the video as if he was in it and that he applauds the love he has for his homie, Nyovest.

“I feel like @TweezyZA pushes the video as if he is in the video but because of love n respect he has for @casspernyovest n the song. I’ll guess he’ll keep pushing it… That’s love 👊👏💓”

However, Tweezy took to twitter to thank a fan for noticing that that he is in fact featured in the video, but clearly the masses didn’t look hard enough.

“I am in the video, I’m glad you’re noticing my g 😊”

The lockdown has prohibited the gathering of any kind but the video did justice with compilations of the rappers performances including a cameo from J cole, a potrait of HHP and a young appearance from Tweezy but if you want to see him you just have to keep your eyes peeled to the screen.

The video is also out on music channels so you can catch it there and see for yourself.

By Sinakho Mandla

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