“Ya’ll Can All Fokof,” Cassper Responds To Gemini Major Echoing Riky Rick’s Sentiments

“Ya’ll Can All Fokof,” Cassper Responds To Gemini Major Echoing Riky Rick’s Sentiments. Twitter has played a huge part in creating, mending and breaking relations amongst celebrities.

In SA Hip Hop we have certain rappers who have beefed with a number of fellow stars on Twitter. Cassper Nyovest counts as one of those and has recently made it clear that he doesn’t care anymore. When Riky & Gemini Major played mediators in the Cass Vs AKA feud, Mufasa told them where to get off.

“The AKA/Cass beef is exhausting for the game. It might be exciting for Twitter but behind the scenes, it’s something most rappers don’t talk about because it’s draining the life out of the culture,” wrote Riky Rick.

Gemini Major concurred with Riky’s statement which led to Cass’s urge to reply. Amademoni rapper laid it out clear that SA rappers can f*ck off.

“Y’all niggas can talk when things are bad for Aka and it’s time to defend him. Where were y’all when AKA was swearing my parents on the TL? You were all on mute. Y’all can all fokof actually!! All of you!!” – Cassper.

When Ms Cosmo chimed into the matter, Cassper put her in her place by stating how tired he was.

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