Blaklez On Why He Values Zingah

Blaklez On Why He Values Zingah. In the midst of the conflict that arises amongst rappers there is also an admiration they have of each other’s work ethic and talent.

Blaklez has always been someone who kept to himself, but always adamant on providing fans with music every waking moment. Basically, while others beef he choose to see the best in fellow stars. We have seen him casting praise on the likes of PDoto, Ginger Trill, Reason and Stogie T to say the least. All this means is how he imposes positive vibes in the industry.

The latest star to give a warm a shout out was the Dlala artist Zingah. The DMX Prayer rapper expressed how much he values Zingah. Highlighting his reason he stated that he likes how he keeps it “a buck fifty with him.” Lez considered that to be a blessing.

The On A Different star’s humbleness and abilities aren’t only visible to fellow rappers but to the masses as well. To prove that he recognizes how fans keep it 100 with him he thanked them for their support.

“To all my fans that have stuck with me throughout this ENTIRE journey, the ones that never left me. I just wanna day THANK YOU! Because we’re about to WIN! And win BIG. And I want to thank you beforehand because you all carried me here,” he wrote.

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