‘I Guess Flame Was Right,’ Emtee Says He Forgives Flame!

‘I Guess Flame Was Right,’ Emtee Says He Forgives Flame! Emtee has been trying to make things right with fellow rappers and next in line is Flame.

Emtee and Flame have had a beef dating back to 2017 and it looks like the former is ready to put it to rest. Taking to twitter over the weekend, Emtee revealed he wanted to remove the tattoo of the Mercedes Benz since he doesn’t own it.

“How do I remove a tattoo? I wanna remove this Mercedes tat cos I thought I owned 2 Mercedes Benz kanti niks,” Emtee tweeted.

He then went on to add how Flame was right for saying he was riding in somebody’s Benz. “I guess flame was right. I was really riding in somebody Benz. Tell him I won’t touch him. I forgive him,” Emtee said.

Back in 2019 Emtee called Flame a “Travis Scott wannabe ass n*gga.” We wonder how Flame feels about Emtee forgiving him.

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