“Rappers of his calibre are hard to come by,” PH Raw To Reason

“Rappers of his calibre are hard to come by,” PH Raw To Reason. Fellow rapper PH Raw took time out to share his views about Reason and his rapping skills.

PH Raw has also chose to share about other rappers when they are positive. Attempting to do away with the stereotype that rappers should be beefing for spotlight, the Groovy star with a new online show praise each MC’s skill.

One time he ever took part on a beef was when he expressed favouring J Molley during his beef with The Big Hash. Molley and Hash decided to bury the hatchet after each released a diss track. Raw implied how he thought J was better than Hash.

What he thinks of Molley may not compare to what he thinks if Reason. PH took to Twitter to share a slighty lenghty appraisal to the Azania rapper.

“Rappers of his caliber are hard to come by in this day and age…but what’s even harder to find in the game, is true friendship…you are both. Not easy being Reason, but somebody gotta do it, I’m glad I am here to help where needed. Love you champ,” wrote PH Raw.

Another rapper to help make the birthday of Reason extra special was Pdoto.

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