Cassper Celebrate’s His Chart Toppers Reaching No.1 Without ‘Payola’

Cassper Celebrate’s His Chart Toppers Reaching No.1 Without ‘Payola’. Mufasa is no stranger to occupying the number spot having celebrated many chart topping singles on local radio stations, and the rapper wants to make it clear that there is no foul play involved in any of his successes.

In a tweet, Cassper shared that his music speaks for itself and the outcome is always honest as he doesn’t dabble in shady “payola’ deals because he has his loyal army to thank.

“If any of my songs ever reach number 1 on any station, i celebrate knowing that i don’t pay payola!!!!! It’s just good music!!!! Shout out to everyone who is always supporting the art. Much appreciate” Cassper wrote.

Many musicians have been ousted by fans for bribing radio stations for airplay but the ‘Good Fo That’ rapper is not about that life.

The father to be has announced his album titled ‘Any Minute Now’ will be dropping in September and rest assured that when the album makes waves, you can blame it on the music.

By Sinakho Mandla

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