Cruz Afrika Reveals His Friend F*cked Emtee’s Baby Momma Amidst Beef

Cruz Afrika Reveals His Friend F*cked Emtee’s Baby Momma Amidst Beef. Earlier on SA Hip Hop brought to you reasons that led to Emtee warning Chad Da Don from working with Cruz Afrika.

An addition to the feud that was recently revived, Cruz dragged Emtee and revealed his baby momma has slept with his friend. The Hustla has two sons with Nicole Chinsamy.

There’s no telling yet if what Cruz said is factual but he did share the name of the friend ‘Choc’. He further revealed the same man slept with Ruff’s girlfriend, the ATM producer.

“Hey banna Emtee you still there ? rather focus on cash out & making more music, After the call i just had with u, its totally up to u,so decide what u want bro,dont come into my wave,cause we both know what happened to Sk & i dont wanna go there again,so decide,” wrote Cruz.

As the beef escalated the Cruz said: “And am not even ashamed @emteethehustla_ , her babie mama got fucked by my nigga choc and same nigga fuck Ruff Atm s chick too ,i can tell all that and more on Empty part 2 if he keeps pushing me #CruzAfrikaEmteedissTrack.”

Emtee has expressed how he is planning to marry the mother of children soon. talking about why he loved her he said she was different.

“She isn’t like any of the other girls. She is reserved and the amount of cultural diversity she has grown up under also attracted me.” Nicole’s mother is coloured and her father is Indian. “She is Mandela’s dream, a rainbow nation.”

As for the disses, All we can do now is wait for is the track by Cruz to get more details on these shocking allegations against the Wave’s baby momma.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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