Dj Speedsta Shares His Aspiration For Season 2 Of His Skate Show

Dj Speedsta Shares His Aspiration For Season 2 Of His Skate Show. Speedsta has been going hard with the fresh content via his social media and YouTube channel, now the DJ has just wrapped the first season his skate show and he is already planning for the return.

Speedsta took to twitter to wake up the masses who have been sleeping on his skateboarding show titled ‘Speedsta In Da Park’ which entails the DJ hanging out with some dope artist’s with a little skating action in-between.

Don’t know if you know my skate show “Speedsta in Da Park”? It’s on YouTube go check it out. Stop sleeping on smh”– Speedsta

The radio host who announced the launch of his skate shop last year further shared what he has his sights set on next for the return of the show, which is owning his very own skatepark.

“I can’t wait to shoot Season 2 at my own skatepark” – Speedsta.

The ‘Oneida’ hitmaker also shared that he will be making daily vlogs on his social media, giving us a glimpse of what goes on in the life of a multi-talented Skateboarding, hip hop Dj.

We see you!!

Check out some dope skate moves from the skater boy.

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By Sinakho Mandla

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