Emtee’s Social Media Account Gets Hacked Again!

Emtee’s Social Media Account Gets Hacked Again! It is once more another day and another suffering of unfortunate circumstances by Emtee who recently had his Instagram hacked.

If there is one rapper that has had his social media accounts tampered with more times than one can count it would be Emtee. The hustle has shared that his IG account with over 1 million followers has been invaded. This comes after his Twitter account was also hacked back in 2018.

“My Instagram is hacked again. Do not accept any cap, messages or offers from my IG account, I’ll let y’all know when I get it back.”

Emtee is unaware yet who is behind the constant sabotage of his accounts but has advised fans not engage on the account. Before releasing Wave and Brand New Day, the Pearl Thusi star also made public claims that he was hacked. At the time the songs they recorded as trap artists inclusive of Ruff, Saudi, Sjava leaked.

Aphelele Peyana

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