K.O On Why Local Hip Hop Artists Need To Start Representing South Africa In Their Music

K.O On Why Local Hip Hop Artists Need To Start Representing South Africa In Their Music. Looking into the state of SA hip hop would you say it needs original sound accompanied with real stories?

Last week we heard the likes of DJ Vigilante talking about how SA hip hop has lost its lost originality. In the entirety of his statement he mentioned Zakwe, Big Zulu and Duncan to say the least as the few artists who are still representing authentic sound.

“SA HIP HOP artists wanna sound more American . What happened to our own SA HIP HOP sound. Remember the era of NEW AGE KWAITO ? , Era of DO LIKE I DO , CARACARA ? SA HIP HOP was at the peak because we were doing us.”

Earlier on the day, K.O highlighted sentiments almost similar to Vigilante’s stating how Hip hop rappers need to represent local stories.

“Couple of INDIVIDUALS from hiphop are obviously still doing their thing but it’s the contrary for hiphop as a fraternity/culture. The overall Top 100 iTunes chart says it all. It’s our job to fix this! Let’s make music with our people & their stories in mind again. REPRESENT!” Wrote the Caracara star.

“SA hiphop I hope we’re all cognizant and taking notes from the constant decline of our impact as a fraternity – coz I am. Amapiano still moving things, Gqom and House are reserging. We’re not a threat to no one cos our sound/attitude doesn’t resonate anymore…”

K.O is nominated on 5 categories in the upcoming SAMAs26 Awards.

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on

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