Ntukza On How He Was Sidelined While In Teargas

Ntukza On How He Was Sidelined While In Teargas. It has been 6 years since award winning group Teargas separated but to this day they make headlines as they often reveal reasons of what led to complete separation.

When the rumour perpetuated back in 2014 that they separated, it was assumed by many that Ntukza was at fault. He received major backlash and decided to come forward to express that he felt like a nobody in the group since he was constantly sidelined.

Speaking to Mgosi he shared that the group operated as a democratic medium. When two artists agreed on one thing the third person had to go with it despite sharing an opposing view.

“After our break up I received a lot of backlash from a lot of fans and other people within the very same industry. We wanted to do things using a democratic system – if two guys agree to something you must know the one that is left will just have to go with what has been voted by the other two,” said Ntukza.

The iLA rapper went on to say that he is happy to see MA-E and K.O doing well and that he would like to see young upcoming musicians taking the space to keep the legacy alive.

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