Scoop Stands By His Statement On AKA, Cassper And Kwesta, Explains In Detail What He Meant

Scoop Stands By His Statement On AKA, Cassper And Kwesta, Explains In Detail What He Meant! Last week Scoop Makhathini had the industry OGs coming for him after he suggested they take a break from dropping new music.

Not only did AKA, Cassper and Kwesta respond, their fans made it one of the biggest trending topics of the week as they disagreed with Scoop’s sentiments. Well, they’d be disappointed to learn that Scoop stands by what he said but he wants the critics to watch full episodes of his POPCast show and not draw conclusion from clips they watch on twitter.

Scoop explained in detail what he meant by his statement.

“I have a deep relationship with the three people that I mentioned. I might not talk to Cassper and Kwesta all the time but I’ve said nothing but positive things every time I’ve interacted with those two gentlemen. However, my opinion, my observation is what it is because that is how I feel,” Scoop began.

“I do feel after ten years of being here, some things can get a bit formulaic, some things can get a bit routine. After the whole time, I do feel that artists can feel comfortable because we live in (an age) of Instagram where you can just say anything or do something and get your likes, you’ll get your validation and that’s fine but musically I feel like guys can stretch themselves more,” Scoop explained.

“If you’ve been doing something for so long like ten years and you’ve got all these people that are waiting for your music or whatever, it’s hard to pull out. It’s hard to extract yourself and really look at things and be at be like ‘okay, how do I reinvent myself now, how do I re-attack the game now?’ Because you have to reengage, you have to reevaluate especially with the runs these people have had,” Scoop added.

“I said take a break, I did not say stop recording. Guys can still be making music but you don’t have to put it out,” Scoop said. Watch the full clip below.

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