Sho Madjozi Is Making a Documentary About The Traditional Tsonga Attire

Sho Madjozi Is Making a Documentary About The Traditional Tsonga Attire. Sho Madjozi has become a force to be reckoned with having just signed a major deal with one of the hottest international recording labels that have produced superstar such as Jidenna and the great Michael Jackson.

The rapper is now celebrating her Tsonga heritage by making a documentary focused on the ‘Xibelani’ which is the traditional skirt worn when dancing in the the Xitsonga culture. We’ve seen Madjozi rocking the traditional attire, adding a modern swag to the traditional dress code.

Sho expressed that her inspiration for the project is because she debuted in the industry wearing the Xibelani and even though she received major backlash for her style choice, she wanted to take the culture and make it her own.

She further stated that the threat of losing the culture to westernization has made her want to protect the culture even more and not let the youth evolve it and adapt it to the modern times.

“I think the threat of us losing our culture to western influences has made it that we just protect it. We just hold on to the way it was then, instead of letting young people also evolve it and change” Madjozi said.

Details have yet to be revealed as to when the doccie will be coming out but we are so proud to see the rapper doing major things for the culture and her culture as well.

By Sinakho Mandla

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