Zingah Shares A Hilarious ‘Before Glow Up’ Photo With AKA

Zingah Shares A Hilarious ‘Before Glow Up’ Photo With AKA. We have all wondered how artists looked like before the money, the bling and the fame.

From time to time we get to see these long stored images, rapper Zingah shared his own image alongside AKA before they glowed.

The image may have been one of the funniest things on the internet but it also proved how far the relationship between two rappers dates back. What is also shows is how far they have gone with their art that they’ve managed to revamp their looks.

See Pic!

A few weeks back Zingah made a statement on people who are bothered by those proclaiming to be best. He referenced a call he had with AKA who granted him privilege to listen this unreleased album.

“I was on the phone with AKA like two nights ago, he was playing me some of his new music. On that phone call he referred to himself as the greatest to ever do it several times. Not for a single second did it make me feel any way at all.”

After inheriting the beef between Mega and Mufasa, the Dlala rapper sent an apology to Cassper.

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