“A-Reece is important” – Blaklez

“A-Reece is important” – Blaklez. Rappers give props to each other in different ways and for different things but when it comes to A-reece, it’s always the same type of sentiments.

Blaklez recently took to social media to express how important he finds Reece to be for the genre. The compliment adds to many that have been hailed by fellow rappers such as Stogie T, The Big Hash, PH raw, Rogue and many more others.

The 23 year-old doesn’t only keep a loyal fan base but he is denying others rappers features. The only two rappers he has worked this year is The Big Hash and MashBeatz. He is currently working on an album Paradise 2.

Blaklez on the other hand is on the final stages of his two big upcoming projects including an EP Bear Energy and collaboration album Lost Diamonds with PDoto.

Aphelele Peyana

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