K.O Shares What He Thinks Of The New Album ‘Isambulo’ Released Under Sjava’s Label

K.O Shares What He Thinks Of New Album ‘Isambulo’ Released Under Sjava’s Label. This past weekend Sjava may have evoked the topic of his rape allegations by coming forward to clear his name, but in the process he delivered the long awaited album Isambulo despite the cooking drama.

While others were paying praise to Nasty C’s Zulu Man With Some Power, K.O decided to throw in a few cents on Isambulo which consists of various artists signed on Cartel 1020 by producer Ruff and BET award winning singer Sjava.

The Caracara star who have been begged to release another version of Skhanda Republic expressed how inspired he was by Sjava’s offering. He stated that with that kind of release the future of SA Music is looking super bright.

“Amazing South African music right here! ⁦@Sjava_atm⁩ I’m inspired, the future of the industry is looking hella bright,” wrote K.O.

Mr Cashtime is also paving new opportunities for upcoming artists, the main artists he is focused on pushing right now is Loki. There is new music coming soon too, also from the Killa Combo.

“Another @skhandaworld single is on the way, a follow up to that #killacombo collab. Who’d you want to see us collaborating with this time? #welcometotheplanet.”

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