PH Raw Explains Why Trap Music Has Produced Some Of SA’s Best Artists

PH Raw Explains Why Trap Music Has Produced Some Of SA’s Best Artists. In the list of dominating music genres in South Africa there is a one called Trap music, a sub-genre in Hip hop/Rap. One person who popularized it was Emtee, to recently comment on it was PH Raw.

The Catch Up rapper expressed how Trap music fits to the African vibe. He wrote that African artists choosing to do trap benefited them, their style resonated with African stories.

“One day we will accept that trap music helped produce some of our best artist in SA. I truly believe trap music fits the African vibe, our way of making music a lot more than boom bap did. We are chanting people instead of poem…if you know what I mean,” said PH.

He is one of the artists who traps and has gained opporituines because his music found a home.

PH has worked with the likes of Sho Madjozi and K.o which he expressed once as being a skill grooming experience.

“I remember @MrCashtime and I would jump from studio to car like 5 times until we had the mix right..for every song, without fail. My mixing skills grew drastically when I was engineering Cashtimes music,” wrote PH.

Aphelele Peyana

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