“Pop Smoke is whack,” Says Cruz Afrika

“Pop Smoke is whack,” Says Cruz Afrika. Rapper Cruz afrika has been more than just a consistent artist but has been very blunt with his views regarding most things. Lately he expressed his true opinion on late American rapper’s skills.

Cruz elaborated that Pop Smoke isn’t a good rapper, he used the word “Whack” and further stated he isn’t so much into the hype vibe.

“Peer pressure is Killin most of you 🤔 Pop Smoke is whack 🙌🚮. I was not made by the hype so …. I dont believe on hype music, the only song sounding dope is Dior the rest Is kak 🤮🤮🤮,” wrote Afrika.

The Empty rapper is working on an album Half Of Me and gas announced vacancy for upcoming artists on his label Afrika Hotlines.

“I’ve started signing artists at the label @Afrikahotlines and I’m looking for more artists. I wanna create STARS ❤ .Please Retweet for a talent out there 2 see this, they can drop 1 dope song on Email :”

Aphelele Peyana

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