Tweezy Shares A Story Of How Pop Smoke Inspired The Creation Of ‘Amademoni’ Single By Cassper

Tweezy shares story behind the creation of Amademoni

Tweezy Shares A Story Of How Pop Smoke Inspired The Creation Of ‘Amademoni’ Single By Cassper. Last week SA Hip Hop was blessed with a new banger titled Amademoni by Cassper featuring producer Tweezy.

The new single is still on a hype and Tweezy felt it would be great to give fans a story that led to it’s completion.

When Amademoni dropped people were quick to judge that the rappers sampled a number of songs including Pop Smoke’s. They admitted they were inspired by him by didn’t sample his music. After all, the song was a tribute to him.

“No we did not “Bite” Pop Smoke’s Dior or any other joint. 💀No we didn’t hear anyone’s song previously released and get inspired to replicate that. 😂 We just executed our own idea very well…& the result is a smash hit tribute to Pop Smoke for inspiring us,” wrote. Tweezy.

He also mentioned how the idea developed.

“As a great fan of the UK Drill and Chicago drill sound, I made this beat as a tribute to him in a “The return of the GOAT” series of my beat snippets,” read part of the thread.

See thread:



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