Sjava Comes Forward To Speak On An Update Of His Rape Allegation Case

Sjava Comes Forward To Speak On An Update On His Rape Allegations Case. For months it seemed as if the rape allegations brought forward by Lady Zamar against fellow singer Sjava died down.

What we weren’t aware of was the information Sjava recently shared about the case which was on hold for a while.

Back in March songstress Lady Zamar went on a rant on social media expressing how Sjava allegedly raped her while they were having an affair. The Before singer denied these accusations and even filed a counter charge for defamation of character against Zamar.

“I opened the case but nothing has happened yet, I am not a rapist it’s something I’ve never done, something I will never do. And I wouldn’t get along with anyone who’d a rapist. I made this video to explain and after this there’s nothing more I will say because people have a way of twisting and turning your words around. We were also not allowed to speak about these allegations openly.

“I thank anyone who has been supporting me throughout this situation, I would also like to apologize to any person who feels I’ve disappointed them,” said Sjava.


As for Lady Zamar she deleted tweets where she confronted the matter earlier on.

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