“Y’all love giving the devil Clout,” Emtee Comments About Beyonce

“Y’all love giving the devil Clout,” Emtee Comments About Beyonce. There was a time where some people convinced themselves that Emtee was in the illuminati, having heard those views growing daily he decided to chime in.

What made the topic resurfaced was Beyonce’s new film Black Is King. Some fans came forward to prove why they believe Beyonce is satanic by comparing the likes. For years she has been suspected to possess supernatural powers.

“Am I the only one still paying attention to the details of the baphomet and satanic symbols Beyoncé portrays on her outfits? #BlackIsKing #BlackJoy,” wrote a tweep.

Reacting to the tweet, Emtee questioned why people give the devil so much clout. “Hayi Futsek!!! Y y’all love giving the devil clout!?” He told a fan.

Here’s how the Roll Up star reacted to the illuminati accusations once, “I’m sure you have dreams that not everyone approves but don’t associate me with the devil. I know u think I’m this terrible person but I don’t rock with the devil,” wrote Emtee.

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