A-Reece Drops A Flame Snippet Of Upcoming Release With MashBeatz & Dave Fieri

Reece comes through to cause mayhem once more!

A-Reece Drops A Flame Snippet Of Upcoming Release With MashBeatz & Dave Fieri. What we all know by now is that A-Reece doesn’t have to do much to get the attention of his fans. The 23 year-old recently shared a snippet for the record he is preparing to drop titled EXP 3.

The clip only takes 1 minutes and 24 seconds but it has already drove many fans mad on their expectation of his next release. As usual producer MashBeatz was behind the production process and Reece came with his raps giving space to an upcoming star Dave Fieri.

Reece hasn’t been socially available for over a year now, he hasn’t done interviews in a long time but did explain himself once.

“I don’t want none of that no more, it gotta be curated. It gotta sound like a storyline, it gotta be well planned. It gotta be well thought-out, it gotta have substance. ‘Cause, man, these days, I could tell you right now, the questions people got for me, if I answer them, then a nigga gotta get paid. Because if I tell the story that I got right now, a lot of motherfuckers gon’ get paid. You gon’ get paid if I tell you what’s poppin’?”



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