AKA Explains Why He Has Accepted The Possibilty Of Not Getting A-Reece To Work With Him

Mega matches himself to Reece.

AKA Explains Why He Has Accepted The Possibilty Of Not Getting A-Reece To Work With Him. When they talk about a rapper who is having his own separate path in SA hip hop they mean A-Reece.

At this point the list of artists who have attempted to work with him but failed include the likes of Cassper, Rouge, Shane Eagle and AKA to say the least.

When a fan questioned when exactly would they be getting a collaborative project between Mega and Reece, he simply stated that he has come to understand the kind of a man the 23 year-old is. When Bhova released a list of artists he was set to feature on his upcoming g project he mentioned Reece on top of the list. But it seems the Selfish rapper blue ticked Kiernan.

“I get the impression that Reece does whatever the Fuck he wants, when he wants to … I can respect that. Sounds like someone I know,” he wrote.

Reece has been limiting his availability a lot not only from fans but from fellow rappers as well. Cassper said it once that getting the Paradise rapper on his album was a hassle because he wasn’t tending to his calls. Could it have been another blue tick?

The only rapper Reece vowed to never work with in future was Emtee considering their past, when it comes to other rappers he hasn’t explained why he has been denying them chances.

At this point, both AKA and A-Reece are working on different projects they promised to give fans before the year ends.



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