Aewonwolf’s Reaction To A Radio Host Who Called His New Single ‘Weird’ & ‘Too Different’

Aewonwolf confronts the state of SA music.

Aewonwolf’s Reaction To A Radio Host Who Called His New Single ‘Weird’ & ‘Too Different’. Rapper Aewonwolf recently went on social media to express what he thought and felt when a radio playlister judged his new single Say It Louder.

It’s nothing new coming across artists who complain about how they don’t get any radio air plays, with all the commentary radio presenters make it’s not common to have an artist take note of those views. Aewonwolf had a point to get across when his single was called weird.

“A radio playlister called my new single “weird”. They even went as far as saying the song is really good but “too different”. It’s sad that SA musicians must fit into boxes to get proper airplay while international artists are allowed to be as different as they want,” wrote the Choose Love rapper.

He added that : “The craziest part is, I don’t even blame the playlisters. They are playing it safe to keep their jobs. so we wait for a international to jump on the wave and then it can be accepted from us. Regardless, some of us still won’t fit into the boxes you create so just enjoy the art.”

Nasty C mentioned it once that people need to get on with timed and accept that times evolve when Nota judged new wave artists.


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