Cassper Explains Why He Will Keep His Son Away From Social Media

Cassper says he's not ready to share his family with the "broken souls" on Twitter.

Cassper Explains Why He Will Keep His Son Away From Social Media. Mufasa may have been upfront on the fact that he is now a father and shared the name of his baby Khotso but he plans to keep him away from social media.

While celebrities are always too excited to share with the public their new born children, Cassper feels the platform is too unhealthy to expose your baby to.

“Prayer has been my weapon! That’s why I won’t post my child on these platforms. Besides the millions that love us and want to share with us, we are also amongst real life witches and they prey on moments like these or people like us,” he said.

Speaking on the hate he received for showing up to Thobeka’s baby shower last month, Cassper said he wanted to keep his family away from all the “broken souls” on social media.

“(There are) too many broken souls on these apps. That’s why I keep my private life away. That’s why my private life is so good and healthy!” he added.

Nyovest went on to add what he will teach his son the most.

“Overall I think the most important thing I will teach my son is to love God; and secondly to be fearless and just go for your dreams. Just to add your stroke to the painting of the world,” he said.

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