Cassper Responds To Nota’s Claims That He Refused To Sign Nasty C Because He Would Outshine Him

Cassper states what falling off means to him

Cassper Responds To Nota’s Claims That He Refused To Sign Nasty C Because He Would Outshine Him. Last week Lavida Nota revealed a lot of details that were not known by the public during his interview with McG on a Podcast. His views caused a bit of a tremor in the Hip hop space.

In the list of artists Nota made commentary about was Cassper Nyovest who he revealed allegedly refused to sign Nasty C because he would steal the spotlight for him.

“Bro, you make enough money now to sign Nasty,” said Nota on how he addressed Cassper to sign Nasty, “And you can sign him before any of these other niggas that have got money. Sign him and give him some shit ass deal and help save him before he gets entrapped by other people in this business.”


Cassper didn’t address Nota directly but he made comments in relation to his statement when Tweezy asked him what is to ‘fall off’.

“When you no longer the dude you think you are. When you have to lie cause your reality is not as exciting. When you have to make up theories that suit your narrative but can’t prove them. When people have forgotten about your reign and you hate on everything, you have fallen off!” wrote Nyovest.

“Lmao… Yall niggas can form a whole political party against me or any other nigga who’s winning without your flawed ass opinions. Yall create lies and still don’t matter!! A bunch of losers will always remain a bunch of losers!! Come 2 the winning side baby!! 4 platinum albums,” he added.

Below is how fans reacted;



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