DJ Speedsta Claims To Be The First Person Who Gave Nasty C His Debut Spotlight

Speedsta complains that Nasty C is calling him names

DJ Speedsta Claims To Be The First Person Who Gave Nasty C His Debut Spotlight. Last weekend Speedsta decided to go online to share what he thinks of Nasty C & his album. He made it clear that he believes the Palm Trees rapper is “sh*t” same way as his last album Zulu Man With Some Power.Zulu Man With Some Power.

On a tweet he has since deleted here’s what Speedsta said : “Apologies & thank you to all my industry friends who have called me πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ I’m really sorry but f**k this kid!!! Keep my name out your mouth in your interviews!!! Your album is sh*t by the way!!! Way too over hyped @Nasty_CSA,” wrote Speedsta ending off with a kissing emoji.

In response Nasty C dissed the DJ by saying he lacks speed in his career. “Imagine having Speed in your name and not in your career. Could never be me.”

As the beef escalated on social media Speedsta revealed that he gave Nasty C his first spotlight in the game when he bumped his track on radio YFM titled Juice Back. He further complained about Nasty calling him names even after that favour.

“Cap told me to listen to the song, I thought it was dope so I put it on the hot 99. I was the first person to play the song on radio. Today he calls me names. Quick to forget these chaps!!” Stated Speedsta.


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