Emtee Advises Fans To Stop Purchasing Avery & Manando Albums

Emtee and JayHood are working on a new record!

Emtee Advises Fans To Stop Purchasing Avery & Manando Albums. The feud between Emtee and former label Ambitiouz Entertainment parted in a bitter state to a point where he left without attaining fruits for his major releases including Manando & Avery albums.

Manando and Avery still count as the top albums in SA Hip Hop, from sales to accumulating awards the music there escalated the Hustler’s career. Unfortunately he wasn’t getting his deserved royalties for the album, on one of his complaints for leaving the stable he mentioned limited income.

When the label denied the Roll Up rapper his royalties he took the matters to court.

“Ubani okutshele lento? (Who told this info). Yes there is a court case going on, but please speak to my lawyers. They will be able to tell you everything relating to it,” he said.

Emtee’s lawyer, Dumisani Motsamai from Morolong Inc also confirmed the case. “We confirm that we act for Mthembeni Ndevu professionally known as ‘Emtee’. We confirm further that there are ongoing high court proceedings involving him and his former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, in which we are Applicants,” Motsamai said.

“We are however not at liberty to comment much on the actual details or merits of the matter for reasons of attorney-client privilege. Having said that, the papers filed at Court thus far, are a public record and as such, are accessible to any member of the public, the media included,” he said.

When fans came forward to express the love they have for Avery & Manando he told them to forget about the albums because he wasn’t getting paid a cent for any stream or purchase.



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