Emtee Responds To Accusations That He Pushes People Close To Him To Inherit His Beefs

Emtee explains why he no longer has his old Twitter account with over 1 million followers

Emtee Responds To Accusations That He Pushes People Close To Him To Inherit His Beefs. Fans prove at all times how not afraid they are at confronting celebrities with the truth they believe exists.

Recently a fan questioned one of Emtee’s prodigy Flash Kumkani on why he never released a single Intaka feat. Snymaan. Flash revealed that he cancelled the song, Emtee came through to express that he has no love for the people who choose to mingle with his haters.

Snymaan is one the upcoming artists signed at Ambitiouz Entertainment, considering that Kumkani is now hands on at Emtee Records it was assumed that the Hustla pushes people to inherit his beefs. The story between Emtee & Ambitiouz Entertainment still remains a sore subject.

“No love for people who chose to be with the opps,” said the Roll Up singer who also denounced Tweezy because of his involvement with AE.

Emtee challenged the AE boss to a fist fight last month.

“This is all his work because I finally saw the light and left the label. My name has been dragged through the mud and I’m tired. I’m challenging him to a match and the winner will get the money, trophy and a public apology” he told DailySun.



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