Flvme’s Reaction To Gigi Lamayne Hitting On Him

Flame gets an unexpected reaction from Gigi

Flvme’s Reaction To Gigi Lamayne Hitting On Him. Whether it’s celebrated or ridiculed but women nowadays have enough audacity to shoot their shots whether in private or public. Gigi has been proof of breaking societal limitations when it comes to women lately.

The Fufa rapper placed Flvme in an unexpected yet arousing mindset when she threw a saucy flirt his way along with a seductive image. “I’m a nice guy till I get inside the thighs,” wrote Flame.

Gigi told the Candy Man to go test her body for a drive to see just how much he can change when he’s between thighs. The suspiciously shy Flame simply laughed off the request.

The Outcast rapper has recently gotten out of a relationship with Ashleigh Ogle who was rumored to have cheated with various artists from Wrecking Crew. As for Gigi she has been giving out thirst traps from tweets to images.

“I’ve been told so many times that I’m a freak in the sheets shem. Guys . Like if there was a CV reference nton nton yhuuuuu,” she revealed.

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