Focalistic Explains Why He Doesn’t Make Noise About Owning His Masters

Foc on owning masters!

Focalistic Explains Why He Doesn’t Make Noise About Owning His Masters. When Foc made comments about owining masters when AKA showcased his dominance in the charts, the topic shifted to his independence leading to what was assumed to be a shade to Cassper.

Foc’s single KeStar is also in the list standing at number 31 and he used the opportunity to share that he is succeeding as just an independent artist. I’m fact, KeStar has just gained over 250 000 views on YouTube and a gold Plaque.

“FULLY INDEPENDENT. I own my masters Vele, just never make noise about it 😂 For me it’s about my freedom , Wang’vrostana . 18 AREA MUSIC,” he wrote.

When a fan assumed he was referring to certain artists about the noise making of masters he explained himself.

“😂 This is not a shot at anyone fam. I’m saying I’ve been seeing people comment about MY masters and I have never replied. I just prefer freedom Wang’vrostana,” he explained.

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