How Nasty C Reacted When Fans Asked When He Is Having A Baby

Nasty C laughs off fans expecting a baby from him

How Nasty C Reacted When Fans Asked When He Is Having A Baby. One thing that has been made a norm in rap is how committed of fathers and mothers most artists are. In a way, having a child or children gives rappers a certain kind of respect.

The hype behind Cassper’s announcement of being a new father to a baby no Khotso named after his later brother, fans questioned the 23 year-old Nasty C on when they can expect a baby from him. The Strings & Blings rapper only went public with his younger girlfriend back in 2018, he said he was waiting for her to finish High School to bring her to the public’s attention.

One thing Nasty C has been pushing for is to be the youngest billionaire in the country, he isn’t so public about his personal life to a point where none of the fans know when he can bring in a little Zulu Man with some power.

“Ima get so big I’ma sell my old underwear for $10,000. I am growing, experiencing new things in life so my music speaks to that, it grows with me.

“What I rap about is not something I would have addressed in my first project. I also learnt a lot as a writer and producer”. Said Nasty C.

He simply laughed off a question.


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