JR Explains Why He Appreciates Nota For The Views He Spat About Other Artists

JR on how he doesn't mind criticism

JR Explains Why He Appreciates Nota For The Views He Spat About Other Artists. While most rappers were against most of the views Nota expressed on his interview with McG, JR decided to write an appreciation tweet dedicated to him. It led to assumptions that he was agreeing with Baloyi on all his raw opinions.

A fan questioned JR on how confused he was and that he was only appreciating him because his name wasn’t thrown in the mix of his rantings on the Popcast. A few weeks back JR called Kwesta’s former manager an embarrassment for his opinions about Kanye West’s masters. This time around he involved Kwesta, Cassper, AKA, Nasty C, A-Reece and Rouge on his sentiments.


“I’m open to ALL criticism. I’ve given this game A LOT out of the Ambition of success and the drive for change,” he wrote.

There are speculations that Cassper was referring to both JR  and Nota when he was speaking artists who have fallen off.

“When you no longer the dude you think you are. When you have to lie cause your reality is not as exciting. When you have to make up theories that suit your narrative but can’t prove them. When people have forgotten about your reign and you hate on everything, you have fallen off!”


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