Kid Tini Addresses “Lames” Who Don’t Want To See Him Drop His Album ‘The Second Coming’

Tini confident on his upcoming release!

Kid Tini Addresses “Lames” Who Don’t Want To See Him Drop His Album ‘The Second Coming’. While we get to see the most of the politics taking place in Hip Hop, there are feuds or rather unresolved issues amongst artists which play put behind the scenes.

Tini has been entangled in a few disagreements with fellow rappers including A-Reece and Emtee, in addition to the list of his “haters” he mentioned “lames” without being specific with names. The addresses was motivated by the hate the rapper foresees building up from those against his success.

“Lotta lames don’t want to see this happen. Fucc their feelings tho I’m at a little place called PEACE, waiting on the serpents to come out of hiding when my shit drop! #TheSecondComing,” wrote Tini ending off with a laughing emoji.

The album will drop in the month of September, no date has been announced yet.

As one of a few self-acclaimed “woke” rappers in SA Kid Tini said it was more difficult to break into the industry than peeps from the ‘skrr skrr’ crowd.

“I think it is more difficult because you have to speak about things that other people don’t want to speak about or maybe even hear. These topics are hard to speak about but I am trying to break the boundaries and take away the stigmas attached to them.”


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