Random Social Media User Drags Nasty C’s Girlfriend By Revealing How “Nasty” She Is

Black Twitter reacts to the shocking news about Sammy, Nasty C's girlfriend

Random Social Media User Drags Nasty C’s Girlfriend By Revealing How “Nasty” She Is. A social media user who goes by the name of Slik Talk on his Twitter page decided to reveal what was not known by many about the Bad Hair rapper’s girlfriend Sammy Heavens.

The social media user went on a rant revealing that Nasty C’s girlfriend is a gold digger that has done nothing for herself but leech the rapper.

“Nasty C is in love with a gold digger, someone who’s a natural born failure. Sammy Heavens is someone who has achieved absolutely nothing in life, this is somebody who has absolutely nothing for herself. This is somebody who has been eating off of her parents, this is somebody who has been eating off of Nasty for years,” said the YouTuber.


Both Nasty C and Sammy haven’t replied to the trending video but fans have come forward to defend the young couple.

When asked of his love life, Nasty said “As a normal person you gotta show your girl that you love her, when you hide it makes her feel like you ashamed of her.” said the Hell Naw rapper

When Sammy made headlines for dancing to A-Reece’ song at a club she came forward to express herself. Nasty C’s girlfriend couldn’t be bothered as she knows “people just have problems”.

“But it’s fine. It’s okay, I will listen to my rapper’s music and only my rapper’s music. And it’s fine. I won’t listen to other rappers or go to their shows. It’s fine, I won’t listen to their music, or download their music. I won’t follow them on Instagram or like their tweets. I won’t even see their names on Twitter because I will block their names. Because oh my gosh, my phone had this person’s name, God f***** forbid,” she says in the video.

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