Saudi On Why It’s Important To Him To Stack Up Styrofoam Cups

Saudi on visiting the pharmacy!

Saudi On Why It’s Important To Him To Stack Up Styrofoam Cups. Rapper Saudi has revealed to fans on why drinking from a Styrofoam Cup is an essential part of his brand.

The Drip rapper recently shared an image of him standing by Ingram pharmacy store holding stacked up Styrofoam cups which led to fans assuming he went by to get himself a dose of codeine. It was then the rapper explained that Styrofoam cups will always be part of him as a rapper.

“I’m an Innocent, Do-Good, uplifting the community ass Rapper. The Styrofoam Cups stacked up are a vital part of my brand. #TeamSaudi & #TheSouthMansAngels grilled me for not having a styrofoam cup in hand at a show. I’m a Dust Baby. That’s the brand. Its entertainment,” he wrote.

In regards to his music, Saudi now counts as an international star after signing to The Orchard. From a small township boy he is growing each to inspire more young people who think they are limited.

“Ngnawe bade they respect this SOWETO shit Globally but I’ma make em feel me doe, make em bleed. Then when it’s your turn, the road paved! They already know how we comin & by WE I mean every single kasi eMzansi. #DustLife that’s what that’s about! Si sonke, Ghetto South Africa.”

Msostra Don’t Die Mixtape in the works…



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