Cassper Nyovest Shares His Two Cents On The #PutSouthAfricaFirst Debate

Cassper Nyovest Shares His Two Cents On The #PutSouthAfricaFirst Debate

Twitter is where controversial topics are to be had by the community that normally ending in spilt decisions but more importantly, these are the types of discussions that lead to the cancellation of a certain person or celebrity for their unpopular opinion.

Taking to twitter Cassper commented on the on going #PutSouthAfricaFirst debate that has also left the streets of twitter divided because although South Africa’s feel like they should get first preference in their country, the idea of xenophobia is also not one that should be condoned.

The rapper tweeted that #PutSouthAfricaFirst has been misrepresented by the platform as it should be a positive movement that unites us as a country to affect change, and those who use the hashtag to promote hate and negative agenda’s should not be encouraged.

“It should only be used to uplift our own people. Be ware of people who hijack slogans to protray hate and discrimination” Cassper wrote

The rapper then made it clear that he would rather not personally involve himself in such sensitive topics because the defends are probably not as passionate as the plaintiff, so this can easily result in the wrong buttons being pushed only to realize that it was all for nothing.

“I made a decision not to argue on twitter about serious matters because the people on twitter don’t care as much as you. They will work you up mad , only for them to tell you that “It’s not that deep fam” Cassper said.

By Sinakho Mandla

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