Flvme Reveals He Doesn’t Listen To Costa Titch Music

"Protect SA Hip Hop at all times," says Flame

Flvme Reveals He Doesn’t Listen To Costa Titch Music. Award winning rapper Flame has become the second SA rapper to declare that he doesn’t bother himself with Costa’s music.

The Candy Man rapper decided to give social media users a taste of his thoughts about SA Hip Hop, it was then he revealed that he doesn’t even listen to Costa Titch’s music.

Flame was making comments on how ‘so called’ hip hop artists make house music more than they do rap music.

“Our so called “Hip Hop” artists is really doin house music !!! 🤦🏽‍♂️Yhooooo 💔,” complained the 22 year-old.

He added that getting off the zone to display versatility isn’t creativity but taking an easy way and that he can do house music but prefers not to.

“I can make 30 house albums in a week.That’s not creativity. That’s taking the easy way out.”

When fans mentioned Costa as an example to his statement, Flame cleared up that he doesn’t listen to his music and that his statement wasn’t specifically dedicated to one person.

“Bro I don’t even listen to bro’s music . I don’t even know he has a house record.I’m jus speaking bout something I been keeping inside for a while,” revealed Flame.

Costa made headlines just earlier on the week for being accused of appropriating black culture

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