J Molley Responds To Troll Claiming Costa Titch Stole His Shine

J Molley Responds To Troll Claiming Costa Titch Stole His Shine

J Molley has been in the game for a while but he is still one of the slept on hip hop artists in Mzansi but he is all about staying true to his craft and not about hating on other’s who are currently in the lime light.

Costa Titch has been the talk of the hip hop community recently, especially after his album release Made In Africa which resulted in a debate about whether or not he is appropriating the black culture. Molley has now been dragged ion the conversation by trolls who compared him to the Thembi hitmaker, claiming that he’s probably jelly because Titch is hogging all the white boy shine.

Molley being the humble rapper that he is replied to the scrutiny claiming that he’s not about the negative energy or the hate because he is a firm supporter of Titch snd he views Titch’s success as positive progress for the culture and not a competition or a rivalry to see who comes out on top.

“Keep that mentality for yourself kid. I love seeing my bro win. How is anything supposed to grow if we can’t do it together. You guys know nothing about the bigger picture” He wrote.

By Sinakho Mandla

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