“We can’t be mad at white kids for living Mzansi experience,” Maraza Defends Costa Titch

Maraza tell critics to leave Costa alone.

“We can’t be mad at white kids for living Mzansi experience,” Maraza Defends Costa Titch. Rapper Costa Titch has been in th top list of trends lately with others blaming him for appropriating black culture. To come to the young rapper’s defence was Maraza who explained why.

The Nkalakatha Remix hitmaker recently released an album Made In Africa which has grabbed the attention of not just hip hop enthusiasts but fellow rappers as well. In the album Titch showcases diversity through each song with features of different types of rappers and the music sampling some of the authentic SA hip hop sounds.

Unfortunately for the 25 year-old not everyone felt as a white person he must portray the black culture to that extent. Maraza ruled out the criticism as absurd since Mzansi is a place that can accommodate all kinds of vibes and styles in entertainment.

“I just saw this annoying Costa nonsense. SOUTH AFRICAN YOUTH create SOUTH AFRICAN CULTURE. We can’t HAVE a post-racial MZANSI & still be mad @ white kids that actually LIVE the MZANSI experience. There’s a difference between ETHNIC culture & MZANSI CULTURE. The latter is FOR ALL,” wrote the Gwan rapper defending Titch.

The KZN based rapper went on to add that it was wrong for Hip hop journalist Mercia to say Costa always has black people in his music video while he “jacks their sh*t”.

“This is so sad for 🇿🇦You’re not just factually wrong, but you’re also disrespecting young black South Africans by DECIDING that they’re playing SECOND FIDDLE, when they’re an integral part of the entire movement.These kids work.TOGETHER.You’re sowing unnecessary divisions,” Maraza.


Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on

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