SA Rappers Comment On Costa Titch’s Alleged Appropriation Of Black Culture

SA Rappers Comment On Costa Titch's Alleged Appropriation Of Black Culture

Costa Titch has associated himself as a rapper within the black culture and community who predominantly rap’s in vernacular and it was going really great however, today the rapper woke up on the wrong side of social media as he was accused for cultural appropriation by the people of twitter.

Costa recently released his album “Made In Africa” and it has since received a mixed bag of reactions from the public with many praising him for his versatility and others accusing him of appropriating the black culture. Titch was laid with another yet another charge by the streets of twitter when Ke Star hitmaker Focalistic has now also been dragged into the controversy as Costa has been accused of being a copy and paste of the Pitori rapper.

The SA hip hop community has since come together to create a defence force for Costa, stating that people are just hating on him because the boy is doing things however, both Costa and Focalistic have yet to come out and address the pot that’s being heavily stirred on twitter but we hope this doesn’t result in yet another wild local hip hop beef.

By Sinakho Mandla

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