Sean Pages Tell Fellow Rappers Of The Things They Must Be Mindful Of When Releasing Albums

Sean Pages provides valuable lesson in music

Sean Pages Tell Fellow Rappers Of The Things They Must Be Mindful Of When Releasing Albums. The fact that could never be overturned is the hard work artists put into making an album with hopes that the reception becomes positive.

Rapper Sean Pages shared with followers an advise he feels would really benefit artists. As we all aware most things begin with how a mind is set to react towards them, when making an album as much as it can be an expression of the rapper’s life but Sean Pages believes that artists must consider their audiences and how they would react to his album.

“Different people love different things bout an album, some just want bars, some want vibe, some dope beats, some want concepts and some want all of that In one,” wrote Pages

He added that; “Some want emo or soulful shit while some want hard shit all the way. Some want smart shit while some want some let loose ignant shit. It’s a whole pool of different fishes and first thing you need to come to terms with as an artist is you’re not gonna catch them all.

“One element I’d say is mad important is the craft, and the constant refining of that craft. pursue being the best at whatever color fish you decided to swim with. And sir that pursuits really never ends. Theres no dead ends in this ocean.”



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