Yanga Chief Opens Up About The Part He Played On Hit Songs “Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe,” “Jika,” & “Make The Circle Bigger” 

Yanga reveals who natured him in SA Hip Hop...And its not AKA!

Yanga Chief Opens Up About The Part He Played On Hit Songs “Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe,” “Jika,” & “Make The Circle Bigger”. UTatakho single may be a record that introduced Yanga Chief to some people but the rappers served way before his recent winnings in the game.

Yanga was actually involved in the writing of the platinum selling hits including Jika by AKA, Ngyazfela Ngawe by Kwesta and Make The Circle Bigger by JR. In addition, he put together Run Jozi by AKA feat. K.O. Speaking to OKAYAFRICA the award winning rapper shared how he managed to write and co-write such big songs in Hip Hop.

“My story with making music was nurtured, I think, by working with Slikour and Shugasmakx at Ventilation Productions where I was the videographer. But there were those countless nights in studio, the many times they’d leave the office and I would stay overnight just learning how to record myself. I always felt like I had a story that just needed to be told somehow. And I’m not great at speaking and talking, but the type of things that I had been writing, how they’ve come out, it’s just a true reflection of what’s going on in my head.

“I also give credit to JR. We worked together in the beginning. And I kind of borrow a bit from his writing style in terms of how to communicate what I’m trying to say. And also a friend of mine called Rich Mahog. Because sometimes as a writer, you never really convinced about what you’ve written, and to have someone like Rich Mahog who, in his eyes, I can’t put a foot wrong, helps with just being able to continue to grow in the songwriting side,” explained Yanga.

The rapper recently dropped a single BBAF and availed a link to the upcoming album Pop Star.

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